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​How Can I Help?

Here's how YOU can help spread the joy of making to kids at the Phoenix Public Library!

Donate Materials

MACH1 uses lots of recycled materials for science and technology projects. While we try to focus on things that can be used and re-used, we also do some projects with items that can be used only once.

Here are some of the materials that we use on a regular basis or that we currently do not have enough of:

  • Pager Motors
  • Toy Motors (1.5-3v)
  • Large Gage Wire (for electronics)
  • Lead Free Soldering Wire
  • Safety Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Coin Cell Batteries
  • Coin Cell Battery Holders
  • AA & AAA Batteries
  • AA & AAA Battery Holders
  • 9v Batteries
  • 9v Battery Holders
  • Solder Free Bread Boards
  • Arduino Componants
  • Conductive Thread
  • Play Dough
  • Play Sand
  • Vinnegar & Baking Soda
  • Small Electric Drills
  • Drill Bits of all sizes
  • Wire Cutters

If you have any of these items and wish to donate them, please stop by the MACH1 space to drop them off.

If you have other items that are not on the list and you wish to donate them, please call 602-262-4636 and ask to be transferred to Terry Lawler.

​Donate Time

You can volunteer at the MACH1 as a general Makerspace Coach or by teaching a specific class. Read on for more information.

Makerspace Coach

The Coach will be available a few times per month during open hours or during specific classes to help with equipment and assist people with their projects. Coaches should have some tool handling skills or computer software skills. Library Staff will assist coaches in learning how to use specific equipment such as the 3D printer. Makerspace Coaches should have good people skills, not be afraid to try new things and enjoy working with different types of technology and tools.

Class Coach

A Class Coach will teach a specific class once per month or more. Classes can be in almost anything you would like to share such as software knowlege, sewing, crafting, upcycling, 3D modeling, science experiments, robotics and more. Class Coaches should have a good handle on their subject area, a plan for 2-3 class sessions of 1-2 hours each and know in advance all materials that will be needed.

You can apply for eather the General Makerspace Coach or Class Coach position at the City of Phoenix Volunteer site here. Search for Makerspace and then follow the application process.

Donate Money

Don't have stuff or time? You can donate money as well. By donating money to the Friends of the Phoenix Public Library, you will directly support the Science, Technolgoy, Engineering, Art and Math programming that happens in MACH1. You can donate any amount at any time. You can earmark your donations for specific programs as well. If you have a passion for science, you can be sure to spread that passion by asking that your donation go specifically to science programming for kids. Your other passions are welcome too!

Donate money in person at any Phoenix Public Library Friend's Corner or go here and donate online.



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