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​Staff Picks Featurettes

Meet some of our staff and let them introduce you to items from our collection that they think are the absolute best.


Aimee's Picks

Although she still likes honest to goodness books, Aimee gets a lot of my reading material online these days in the form of websites, blogs and apps. These are a few top picks in her favorite categories. Meet Aimee.

Andrea's Griots to Heroes List

From the griots of West Africa, to the heroes of the Harlem Renaissance, journey with Andrea through the stories with characters who reflect her culture and life experiences. Meet Andrea.

Anna's Eat Your Way to Health List

Eat well and even treat yourself with this list of how to fuel your body with the right foods. Meet Anna.

Beki's Non-Fiction for the Fiction Reader

These books are not the dry fact-filled non-fiction you were required to read in school. They all read with the same flow as a novel, but they are true accounts. Meet Beki

Ben's Revenge List

Nothing makes a story more compelling than a little bit of revenge. Explore books, films and even music where the theme of revenge informs the storyline. Meet Ben.

Brian's She Blinded Me with Science! List

Brian's list is built from the small mountain of science-themed books he has read since starting at Mesquite Library. Meet Brian.

Chris's Cookery List

Sometimes cookbooks call to us and give us the inspiration we need when we least expect it. Here, find a diverse collection of cookbooks perfect for any foodie. Meet Chris.

Danielle's Dystopia!

War, famine, zombies, governments gone wild. Root for strong characters that rally to fight against all odds. Meet Danielle.

David's High School Classics

Many of the great books we read in high school have stuck with us. Here are library staff member David's favorite high school reads. Meet David.

Dawn's Flicks You Might've Missed

The elements that appeal to Dawn on this eclectic list of movies are: love conquering all, strong sense of family, humor, beautiful settings, quirkiness, romance, and beating the odds. Meet Dawn.

Deb's Namedropper List

Having met the author in real life (or, in some cases, wanting to) has made this Phoenix Public Library staff member a reader of all types of books. Find out who she's met, who she wants to meet, who has local ties to Arizona, and which author is her all-time favorite. Meet Deb.

Diana's Off-the-Beaten-Path Comics & Graphic Novels

If you're interested in comics and you're wondering what's out there beyond superhero stories, this list is for you.  Meet Diana.

Evangela's Step Back in Time List

Historical fiction that takes you places. Meet Evangela.

Gladys y Su Ficción en Español

A Gladys le gusta leer sobre todo autores latinoamericanos que combinan la realidad con la fantasia. Conozca a Gladys. (In Spanish)

Gwen's Books That Stand the Test of Time

The books on this list are as interesting and relevant to today’s children as they were to children in the past. Meet Gwen.

Jeff's KEWL Science Picks

Love science? So does Jeff! Here are his top picks of science reads for the whole family. Meet Jeff.

Jeriann's Books for Science Geeks

This list is for those of us who will never be a brain surgeon or an astrophysicist but still consider ourselves to be science geeks! Meet Jeriann.

Karl's 80s Horror List

Don't be scared! Let Karl guide you through the 1980s, a golden age for the horror film genre. Meet Karl.

Katie's Wanderlust List

Love to travel? Live vicariously through the tales told in these travelogues. Meet Katie.

Keith's Fantasy List

For those who love The Game of Thrones but don't want to wait years for the next book. Meet Keith.

Kelly's 50 Shades of Withdrawal List

You read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy and you love it, you are sad that it was only a trilogy and are at a loss for what to read next and the movie isn't released until 2015. This list will get you through. Meet Kelly.

Los Picks de Maria

Dos de los escritores que Maria descubrió recientemente y recomienda ampliamente son: Haruki Murakami y Doris Lessing. Con Murakami ella pudo viajar a realidades mágicas y con Lessing ha sido un viaje al interior del alma. Su recomendación en música y el cine es un tanto ecléctica; le gusta explorar diversos géneros y descubrió cosas interesantes. Conozca a Maria. (In Spanish)

Maia's Musicians & Artists List

No one does passion and drama on film like musicians and artists. Meet Maia.

Nancy's Arrrrgh! List

Check out Nancy's pirate picks for a swashbuckling good time!​ Meet Nancy.

Terry's Making List

Explore a sampling of books that Terry has devoured over the last year in her quest to help kids better understand and have fun with making, hacking and more. Meet Terry.

Tracey's I Will Survive List

Discover enduring women in history and in literature. Meet Tracey.

Tracy's Golden Phizzwizards

The best kind of dream is called a golden phizzwizard in Roald Dahl's The BFG. Tracy has found and would like to share books that are absolute dreams. Meet Tracy.