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​Graded Lists: 4th Grade

By 4th grade, children are reading to learn about the world. They can handle longer, more complex chapter books.

The strange case of Origami Yoda
A hilarious book featuring a bunch of 6th graders trying to determine whether a fellow’s students origami Yoda has mystical powers.
Timmy Failure : now look what you've done
Timmy knows he is the smartest and greatest detective in the world, now he just has to prove it.  Along with his polar bear partner, Total, it’s up to Timmy to crack the case.
The Lego movie : the essential guide
For everyone who loved the Lego movie, this book is a must read.  Learn fun and interesting facts about the characters and the making of the movie.
The Name of this book is secret
A strange book written in secret code and a missing magician are only a part of the mystery that Cassandra and Max are trying to solve. Fans of Lemony Snicket will love this book.
Ophelia and the marvelous boy
Fans of the movie Frozen will like this new take on the popular fairy tale, The Snow Queen.
Stink and the shark sleepover
A funny story mixed in with a bunch of scientific facts about sea creatures.  Beware the Frankensquid!
Bad Kitty school daze
With its zany illustrations and humor, Bad Kitty fans will not be disappointed!
Like bug juice on a burger
This endearing and wise book, illustrates how small triumphs can help you survive what, at the time, seems like an insurmountable trial.
Big book of why : crazy, cool, & outrageous
A must have for curious readers who will be desperate to share what they have learned.
Wild born
An epic tale set in a complex, political world on the brink of war.  Fans of the Warriors series will enjoy this book.
The hero's guide to saving your kingdom
Witty banter, cartoony illustrations, and nonstop action -- make this fairy tale mashup highly entertaining.
5,000 awesome facts (about everything!).
This book is bursting with a treasure trove of high interest fascinating facts