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​Graded Lists: 3rd Grade

By 3rd grade, children are reading independently. Take your child to the library regularly to select new titles.

Where the sidewalk ends : the poems & drawings of Shel Silverstein.
Everyone needs a little poetry in their lives and reading the poems in this collection will bring you joy. The poems are wacky, whimsical, and down right funny. If you haven't really liked reading poetry in the past, this book may make you change your mind.
Judy Moody
Judy does not have any high hopes for third-grade, but finds fun and creative solutions to all her problems. You'll not meet anyone quite like Judy.
Unspoken : a story from the Underground Railroad
This is a book not to be missed. The story is told through gorgeous charcoal and pencil illustrations showing a young girl on a farm who discovers a runaway slave on her property.
Animals nobody loves
Animal books by Seymour Simon have fantastic color photographs and are easy to read.

This book explores animals most of us are afraid of or make us say "gross!" Bats, sharks, vultures, and rats are just some of the animals highlighted.
The Boxcar children
If you like adventure stories mixed with a little bit of mystery, you'll love this title and the series.
Beezus and Ramona
Join nine year-old Beezus as she tries to get along with her spastic four-year old younger sister Ramona.  If you like humor, Beezus will keep you entertained with her daily wild Ramona stories.
Charlotte's web
The reader will find themselves laughing over the antics of Templeton the rat, admiring the spunk of Wilbur the pig, and admiring the love and self-sacrifice of Charlotte the spider.
Harvesting hope : the story of Cesar Chavez
Cesar’s story is inspiring because it reminds us that everyone has the power to make their world better.
Lunch lady and the cyborg substitute
Have you ever suspected the lunch lady serving your tater tots during your lunch is secretly a super hero that fights crime?  If you are in the mood to read something totally different and completely engaging, this is your book.
The Dollhouse murders
A scary mystery, family secrets and a haunted dollhouse will keep readers glued to the pages.
This remarkable book delivers a mix of fantasy and fiction through beautifully detailed watercolors. 
Fangbone!, third-grade barbarian
This is an action packed, silly, and engaging story about a third grade student at Eastwood Elementary who turns out to actually be a sword carrying barbarian warrior.