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​Graded Lists: 2nd Grade

These are suggested books for a 2nd grader, but each child develops at a different rate. Don't be alarmed if your child struggles with a book on this list. What's important is to make reading a daily habit.

The best seat in second grade
Great introduction to behavior and expectations in the 2nd grade. This book has an irresistible class pet on a fabulous adventure and a visit to the science museum where the children have to use all of their problem solving skills to find George Washington.
The Boxcar children beginning : the Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm
The author does a wonderful job introducing new readers to Henry, Jesse, Violet and Benny. MacLachlan captures the essence of the Boxcar Children and imagining what their lives were like before the tragedy, leading new readers to the wonderful classics by Gertrude Chandler Warner.
Frankenstein makes a sandwich : and other stories you're sure to like, because they're all about monsters, and some of them are also about food...
Hilarious (and a little yucky) collection of poems about not-so-scary monsters. Did you know that werewolf hates cleaning his room and Dracula has major hygiene issues?
Bully is a great way for any parent or adult to start a difficult conversation. Includes modern social arenas, like Facebook, and sensible solutions. It may appear to be for older kids, as the characters are in 6th grade, but the vocabulary and concepts are for 7-10 year olds.
Battle Bunny
Alex received a sweet picture book about a bunny from his grandmother. He decides to overwrite the text and pictures converting it into an epic battle between animals of the forest and an evil super villain. Hilarious and creative for 2nd graders, if an uncomfortable read for book collectors and librarians.
The adventures of Captain Underpants : an epic novel
Pals George and Harold create a comic book superhero called “Captain Underpants,” then they hypnotize their mean school principal into thinking he is, in fact, the daring crime fighter. Hilarity ensues and boys especially will not put the book down.
The adventures of Taxi Dog
Maxi is a homeless mutt in New York City who is rescued by a taxi driver and allowed to ride along in the taxi. Together they meet new people and have adventures in the big city. Includes a seek and find cat on every page.
Henry and Mudge and the big sleepover : the twenty-eighth book of their adventures
28 books in the series, so perfect for voracious readers. Lively, reassuring and comical –newly independent readers can eat, throw popcorn and sleep in Patrick’s attic with the always entertaining Henry and Mudge.
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
Great nonfiction about how bugs hunt. Dramatically written and visually stunning photographs.
School play
The illustrations are enchanting and Missy is such fun. Children will admire her spunk and her problem solving.
The legend of Diamond Lil : a J. J. Tully mystery
J.J Tully, a retired search and rescue dog, and Moosh, the hen, solve mysteries and keeping possum away from the chicken coop. Fun series with comical drawing giving personality and humor to the kooky crew.
Babymouse. [1], Queen of the world!
This graphic novel for younger readers is rendered in black and white and PINK and features the imaginative adventures of Babymouse, a charming, self-conscious mouse with a penchant for pink hearts.