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Computer Access & Pricing​

​Computer Access

Each Phoenix Public Library location offers several personal computer (PC) workstations to help with your computing needs.  You will need a valid library card in order to use a Children's PC, a Reserved PC or a Teen PC.  You do not need a library card to use a Catalog PC or an Express PC.

  • Catalog PCs - Provide access to the Library's Online Catalog, Subscription Databases and Event Calendar.
  • Children's PCs - Reserved exclusively for children's use. These PCs offer Internet access and specific online activities for children.

Use of the following PCs requires a valid Phoenix Public Library card in order to reserve a session. These PCs offer Internet access, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They have several USB drives and may have a 3.5" disk drive for saving documents.

  • Reserved PCs - Library customers may use a Reserved PC for up to 1 hour per day at any Library location. Time may be extended if no one is waiting.
  • Express PCs - Offer multiple sessions per day in 15 minute increments. The PC must be surrendered when others are waiting.
  • Teen PCs - Offer 1 hour sessions exclusively for teen use.

Visitors to the Library
Library staff will assist non-Maricopa County residents in reserving a computer workstation.

Printing Services

The Library offers both black-and-white or color printing and photocopying. Charges are as follows:

  • Black-and-white - 20 cents per page (10 cents per page at South Mountain Community Library) 
  • Color - 40 cents per page (75 cents per page at Agave Library and 50 cents per page at South Mountain Community Library)

Print or copy jobs may be paid with one-dollar and five-dollar bills as well as coins. Prices vary due to contractual agreements with the leasing agencies involved.

Library staff will assist you with printing or copying